Grain By Grain - Photos

Friday, 3 April 2003

Interdune White Waves Dunes & Ripples Sierra Blanca Peak Skunkwood Sumac Pedestal Dune Field Ripple Slope Harvester Ants White Dune Sinclair Sterling Flailing Teresa Descending Oliver Lee Camp Lucero Footprints Lucero Shore Lake Lucero Amber Selenite Selenite Crystals Crystal Slope Buried Selenite Blooming Yucca Sacramento Mts yeah, no kidding Interdune Shadow Deep Sand (not really) Small Beetle Ripples & Bush Dune Tracks Dune Dusk Odd Shadows Raven Tracks Sharp Edges Last Light Dusk Ripples Dune Sunset Oliver Lee Sunset Sunset Closeup Claret Cup Cactus Desert Plants Octillo Creosote Bush

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