Bison in the Badlands - Photos

Thursday, 15 July 2004

Double Rainbow Rainbow and Tree Buffalo Gap Camp Yucca and Moon Short-horned Lizard Mariposa Lily Wannagan Camp Rivulet Erosion Yellow Prickly Pear Yellow Evening Primrose Western Salsify Fritillary On Thistle Petrified Log Short-horned Lizard again Cottonwood Camp Bison Herd Bison and Prairie Dog Bison Calf Prairie Dog 2 Prairie Dogs Scoria Point Badlands Vista Wild Horses Bennett Camp Badlands Detail Petrified Stump Oxbow Overlook Beaver With Stick Mouthful Of Sticks Beaver Swimming Beaver On Bank Lone Bull Juniper Camp Plains Sunflowers 2 Prickly Pear flowers Juniper Hairstreak on Common Yarrow (I'm not making this up) Orange Prickly Pear flower Storm Clouds Juniper Hairstreak on Purple Coneflower Caprock Coulee Caprock Erosion Cottonwoods and Butte Inky and Dinky 2 Beavers Prairie Rose Tiger Swallowtail 1 Tiger Swallowtail 2 Calf Closeup Badlands Shadows Bison Closeup North Dakota Badlands Wallowing Bison

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