Glacier National Park - Photos

Friday, 3 September 2004

Lake McDonald Blues Transparent Lake McDonald Lake McDonald Trout Lake Jammers Two Medicine Evening Two Medicine Morning Mountain Shadows Suitcase Two Medicine Camp Twisted Juniper 3 Bighorn Sheep Walking Bighorn Standing Bighorn Bighorn Sheep Bighorn and Tree BareTree Rising Sun Campground St Mary Lake Us at St. Mary Lake Chipmunk 1 Chipmunk 2 Looming Grinnell Valley Grinnell Lake Grinnell Lake Closeup Waterfalls At Grinnell Sinclair At Grinnell Rocks On Ice Ice Floes Grinnell Glacier Ice Sculpture Us At Grinnell Chain Of Lakes Streaming Cloud Turquoise and Snag Many Glacier Camp Lake Sherburne Glacier Park View Sinclair at McDonald Lake McDonald Clouds

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