Return to Florida - Photos

Wednesday, 25 February 2004

Tiny Cones Sun on the Gulf Gulf Beach Gulf Islands Camp Groom & Best Man Margie & Zoe Jeanette & WT Vows Just Married Who dressed these people? The seaplane that brought our camera out Pelican Standing Long Key & Pelican Sooty Terns Frigatebird Turquoise Water Bush Key Cannons Parade Ground Ft Jefferson Interior Lots of Terns Ft Jefferson Beach Light Tower USCG Buoy Tender NPS Supply Boat Dry Tortugas Sunset Camp at Sunrise Moat Loggerhead Key (in the background) Tall Arches Wide Arches Last Plane Out Coral on Bricks Cuttlefish 1 Cuttlefish 2 Blue Tang Blue Lined Grunts Sgt Majors Hermit Crab Plovers on Dock That anchor ought to hold him

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