Make It Snappy - Photos

Monday, 8 March 2004

Little Blue Heron Green Heron Pied-Billed Grebe 16 mosquitos on one screen Annoying Osprey Snowy Egret Tricolored Heron 1 Teresa & Cormorant Anhinga Nest Sleepy Gator Alligator Mrs Anhinga Mr Anhinga Wood Stork Toothy Grin Feeding Time Great Blue Heron Everglades View Orchard Orb Weaver spider Long Pine Camp Anhinga With Fish Pile O' Gators Florida Red-Belly Turtle Baby Gator Tricolored Heron 2 Cormorant Closeup Corkscrew Swamp Carolina Wren American Bittern Yellow Rat Snake Green Anole Lettuce Lakes Pileated Woodpecker Little Blue Heron eating a crayfish Limpkin another Limpkin Pond Cypress Banded Water Snake 3 Ecosystems at Corkscrew

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