The Highland Cow Incident

The struggle begins... Note that she starts out pretty much in the center of the field.
We get her over to the gate without too much difficulty, but then she really starts to dig her, umm, heels in.
Poor beastie!
The fourth man has arrived by this point,
but she really doesn't want to come up onto the road.
So, the farmer decides to employ his patented tail-twisting technique.
Scottish standoff.
More tail-twisting gets her up onto the road eventually, but now the real fun ensues...
...getting her into the trailer. Maybe if three of us push?
Nope, pushing didn't help much. Neither does the yellow bucket of cow chow - she's way beyond that.
Back to tail-twisting.
Additional reinforcements arrive; he's another farmer and takes over the tail-twisting duties. How about pulling on those big horns? Well, they look like good handles.
We have her now - look, one hoof's on the ramp.
Two hooves, not far to go lads...
Victory is ours!

Northwestern Scotland ]

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