Tour de Lance - Storage

Yep, it's a closet.

Finally, we have the issue of storage, of which there is never enough in a truck camper.

Our clothes are primarily in the closet shown here, in the aft starboard corner of the camper. There are also four cupboards near the bed with clothes (more or less) on shelves. This was probably one of our biggest challenges living full-time in a truck camper; they really only expect you to store a week's worth of clothes in it. We have a clothes for the full range of seasons, lots of outdoor activities, even some work clothes for me. And somehow, it all fits!

Overall, just about every free cubic millimeter in the camper is used for storage; Lance has done a pretty good job of fitting these spaces in, and we're using them to the limit.

Our camper also has three outdoor storage compartments, two in the slideout and one abaft of it. These are primarily filled with things that we use when we're already outside, or that we just don't use all that often; examples include our bike bags, shore power extension cord, and drinking water hoses. By the way, the background image for the navigation bar found at the bottom of every page on this website is actually the door of one such compartment.

Good thing this area's ventilated to the outdoors . . . One interesting trick that's common to all truck campers… There is some extra room in the truck bed outside the body of the camper, and we have three doors to access this space from within the camper itself. This space is basically dry but is not completely isolated from the elements, so we only store stuff out here that wouldn't be bothered if it got wet occasionally. This area here, for example, is where we keep our shoes.

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