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This next rollercoaster section takes us through from late August to mid-October.

Sterling’s cast came off towards the end of August and he was reunited with that most fetching of fashion accesories, his delightful boot. We need to be in Wisconsin for an important family gathering within a few days and so fly rather than drive. Gimpy plays his gammy ankle for all it’s worth and we get carried through the airports on those infuriating golf carts that beep their way through the massed crowds hurrying to the terminals.

Edna and Sterling Edna's Hundredth Birthday

Sterling’s grandma, Edna, is 100 years old on September 8th 2015 and there’s a large family party to mark the occasion. A wonderful celebration and not to be missed.

While we’re in Wisconsin I have my annual head checkup and discover that I need surgery again. I’m committed to volunteer at Aztec Ruins National Monument in October and so decide to push ahead and get it done as soon as possible. We fly back to Salt Lake, pick up the camper and start driving north east, a few stops planned on the way.

Dinosaur Track, Klondike Bluffs, Utah Klondike Bluffs, Utah

This is an area of BLM land not far outside Moab. It’s primarily a mountain bike destination but works just as well on foot and I have some great walks with the added bonus of dinosaur tracks. Unfortunately, Sterling’s confined to much more limited explorations due to the Achilles.

Distant Little Bottom Campground, Utah Little Bottom Campground, Utah

A small BLM campground on the Colorado River not far from Moab. Great scenery and hiking.

Glenwood Hot Springs, CO Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Our anniversary falls during our journey and where better to celebrate than our old home town. Hot Springs, brew pub and friends: we couldn’t ask for more.

Mark Knopfler Westminster, Colorado.

We’re on our way to see the two Marks: our friend Mark Castleman and Mark Knopfler who needs no introduction. We’ve been lucky enough to get tickets to see the latter at Red Rock Amphitheater. Great visit and great concert.

Carhenge, Nebraska Carhenge, Nebraska

We need to pick up the pace if we’re to be in Chicago in time but can’t pass within a few hundred miles of Carhenge without a return visit.

Nebraska National Forest, Nebraska.

I know you’re probably reading that heading thinking Nebraska? National Forest? But it’s there. What was even more surprising was the warning of a recent mountain lion sighting that I found on the notice board when I walked up in the dark to pay for our stay. I came back at quite a clip.

Troll in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin Mount Horeb, Wisconsin

A novel town with trolls aplenty, a bike trail and the Grumpy Troll brewpub.

Chicago Skyline Chicago, Illinois

Here’s the view from my hospital room. We have high hopes for this procedure - third time lucky?

Muskego Park, Wisconsin Muskego Park, Wisconsin

A quiet backwater is required post-surgery and this is just the place. Beautiful autumn colours and level paths to get out and about.

Teresa and Mammoth, Horicon Marsh, Wisconsin Horicon Marsh, Wisconsin

The promise of huge flocks of Canada geese takes us to Horicon. There are very few birds in evidence but fantastic views over the water. Any comments about the position of my right ear will not be taken lightly!

Lambeau Field Camper, Green Bay, Wisconsin Green Bay, Wisconsin

A quick stop to see Edna and other family. Spent the night in sight of Lambeau Field.

Mud Ladders Mud at Klondike Bluffs, Utah

We’re in a hurry now. We head back to Chicago for a post-op appointment for me and then drive like wild things to be in Salt Lake for the follow-up for Sterling’s Achilles surgery. From here we’re headed to Aztec Ruins and have one last stop on the way, back at Klondike Bluffs where we get temporarily stuck in the mud until Sterling constructs some mud ladders from our trusty levelling blocks. Others aren’t so fortunate: there are definitely advantages to our little rig and a handy dandy husband!