Tour de Lance - Bathroom

Everyone always wants to know about the bathroom! Except my step-grandfather, who averted his eyes… Well, here it is:

In the same way as the kitchen, it's like a real bathroom in miniature. The sink is OK, what do you need a big bathroom sink for anyway? The toilet is fair to middling; it gets the job done, but as my friend Mark says, "it's not a place for lengthy contemplation". No, it's the shower that's the real frustration, at least for me… You see, my shoulders are actually about an inch wider than the shower is, so that every time I turn around in it, I catch the curtain and drag it along with me. I've developed a funny shoulders-hunched-in posture for showering that generally seems to work, but overall, it's another of my biggest annoyances living in the Lance.

Teresa, of course, is just enough narrower than me that she doesn't have a problem. As long as we have decent water pressure (which is usually, nowadays), she thinks the shower's brilliant!

One last question while we're in the bathroom: People often want to know where the, um, stuff from the toilet goes. Basically, our camper has a holding tank (actually located directly below the toilet) with a 25-gallon capacity, called the black water tank. Since RV toilets don't flush the same way that stationary toilets do, 25 gallons is sufficient for the two of us to last five days or so. When it's approaching full, we have to find a dump station (RV term for what's essentially an accessible sewer connection). Once there, we have a big hose that connects to a valve on the bottom of our holding tank; we open the valve and away it goes!

Incidentally, the outflow from our sinks & shower, called gray water, goes into a different tank, but it's dumped the same way.

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