Tour de Lance - Bedroom

At the front of the camper is our bedroom; it sits up over the cab of the truck, and we have three steps to aid getting up and down. Although this is the same general arrangement as most Class C motorhomes, for whatever reason our camper has more headroom over the bed, and it's generally easier to get into. Also, having the bed arranged longitudinally means either of us can get up in the night without waking the other; Class Cs typically have a lateral bed to limit the cabover length. Our bedroom - watch your head! Overall, it's much more satisfactory for extended use than either of the Class Cs we've rented.

As you can see, we have lots of windows around the bed - very nice and bright in the daytime, although if we're someplace with streetlights, that can be a drawback during the night. We wouldn't be without them, though, especially the big front one . . . when we're camped somewhere spectacular, we love to open our front blind first thing in the morning onto the vista du jour.

Lots of windows also means lots of ventilation in warm weather, including that big hatch over the bed. It's nominally our emergency exit, but Lance has kindly given us a screen and a crank to open the cover, so it's handy even when there's no emergency. Also, it gives us easy access to the roof when our ladder is filling its usual role of carrying our chairs.

The bed itself is a queen-sized innerspring Serta mattress, quite comfortable. The cabinets you see in the corners hold clothes, and there's a reading light above each side of the bed. These lights came with halogen bulbs that were nifty but way too bright; we've replaced them with tiny little 7W ones that are still bright enough for reading, but much more pleasant in actual use.

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