Tour de Lance - Kitchen

A very prominent feature of the camper's interior is the kitchen. This is often the most popular item on these tours, I think because of its "play-house" appearance. It's just like a real kitchen, only smaller. Here it is:

The main part of the kitchen . . . . . . and the refrigerator.

As you can see, we have a stove, oven, sink, microwave - even a houseplant! In fact, the microwave is about the only thing that's full-sized. All the rest of it is like a play-house. The fridge is around to your right, in the second photo. It's 6 cubic feet, enough for about a week's worth of cold food for the two of us, and yes, it has a real freezer! Ice cream, anyone?

Our pantry The Lance engineers have done quite a good job in maximizing the utility of the limited space, as epitomized by our roll-out pantry. Still, cooking in these tight quarters is one of our biggest ongoing challenges. The way we have everything packed into limited storage space also means that it's often difficult to get at what you need; you may have to empty half the cupboard to get out a frying pan!

Because our house is bouncing down the road on a near-daily basis, virtually all of our dishes are plastic or metal. We've gone to some trouble to find nice ones, though. Neither of us much like eating or drinking from plastic, but the dishes we have are actually okay.

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