Tour de Lance - Overview / Slideout

Here's a view from just inside the door, as you enter the camper:

Slide, In

Above, the slideout is in its "in" position, as we have it while going down the road. But with the press of a button, it slides outů

Slide, Out

As you can see, extending the slide really opens up the interior space. It makes a lot of difference. And if you're really geeky (like me) and have a high-speed Internet connection, you can actually download & watch a movie of the slideout in action!

The slideout basically contains our dinette, which serves double duty: At mealtimes, it's our dining room; on workdays, it's my office.

Dining Room Office

It's also, regrettably, our only real seating area in the camper. In nice weather, we live outdoors a lot, and that's where we have our comfy chairs. But when the weather is less nice, our butts spend a lot of time planted on these two benches.

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